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What To Know About Plumbing Code Violation Correction

For most homeowners in Mesquite, the plumbing code is a long list of fine print that gets about as much attention and respect as the fine print on any legal document that you sign. It is complex, hard to read, and even more challenging to understand. That is why consumers rely on their plumber to know the rules and requirements that must be followed when installing, replacing, or repairing any part of their home’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. And when that happens, it can be years before discovering that you have plumbing code violations in your home.

What Is Plumbing Code, Really?

The term plumbing code is a generalization for all of the rules and regulations pertaining to installing, repairing, and replacing plumbing components and fixtures in a specific area, region, or municipality. The goal of these guidelines is to establish a set of industry standards to protect consumers and ensure the health and safety of the community.

Why Plumbing Code Is Important To Homeowners

Plumbing code is a massive safety net for homeowners. It is unrealistic to expect consumers to know and understand the technical information and intricacies of the plumbing trade. After all, that is why we hire licensed plumbers. We expect them to be the experts who have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to understand and follow the plumbing code. And by extension, we believe that we will have a safe and functional plumbing system because of these codes and our plumber’s ability and education. The code covers everything from the proper amount of fall in a drain line to the required space allotted around a toilet for safe use. And we entrust all of these details to our plumber on blind faith.

Contractor Ethics And Integrity

Unfortunately, not every business is built on a solid foundation of ethical behavior and dedication to the customer’s well-being. But when you hire Flow Plumbing, you know that your health, safety, and overall satisfaction are our primary concerns. We hire licensed plumbers who have invested years in completing the lengthy training and hands-on apprenticeship required to take the test to earn their plumbing license.

In addition, we demand nothing but the highest level of respect and dedication to our loyal customers. We know that without you and your support, we would not exist. It is thanks to you that our business is thriving and growing. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts are simply not an option for our team. We do the job the right way every time because that is how our business works.

Plumbing Code Violation Correction

Many homeowners call us at (214) 388-8838 very upset about a plumbing code violation. It is often discovered during a home inspection prior to selling their house. And until the issue is corrected, the sale comes to a halt. We understand your level of stress and distrust. And we are deeply sorry that another contractor took advantage of you in the past.

You have our word that any issues will be corrected to meet all plumbing code and industry standards. In addition, you have the Flow Plumbing customer satisfaction guarantee and complete parts and labor warranty to back up our word and our work. We appreciate the opportunity to fix this problem for you so that you can continue with the sale of your home and move into your new home. And should you need any plumbing service in the future, we hope you will call (214) 388-8838 for great pricing, reliable workmanship, and an exceptional customer service experience.

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